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Stainz 2, Zirkus (Circus loco)
Stainz 2, Zirkus (Circus loco)
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Vorheriges Bild:
Champex-Linden AZB-Oberleitung Katalog (AZB-Catenary Catalog) 2019  
 Nächstes Bild:
Champex-Linden Ersatzteil Katalog (Parts Catalogue) 2019 - German

Champex-Linden Ersatzteil Katalog (Parts Catalogue) 2019 - English
Champex-Linden Ersatzteil Katalog (Parts Catalogue) 2019 - English

Champex-Linden Ersatzteil Katalog (Parts Catalogue) 2019 - English
Beschreibung: English below

Englischer 20-Seiten Champex-Linden Ersatzteil Katalog von 2019.
Eine Übersicht häufig nachgefragter Teile zu Reparatur- und Bastelzwecken
Angeboten als Download - unten rechts

Die deutsche Version findet man hier: http://www.gbdb.info/details.php?image_id=9884
Die Liste der Produkte findet man in der deutschen Version


English-language 20-page Champex-Linden parts catalogue of 2019.
An overview of often requested parts for repairs and scratch-building
Available for download in English - at the lower right (25.7MB)

The 2019 price list (in German) can be found here: http://www.gbdb.info/details.php?image_id=9889
The German version of the catalog can be found here: http://www.gbdb.info/details.php?image_id=9884

Product listing - description in English and pictures in catalogue
CL21000 Compression spring for pickup shoes, new, 10 pieces
CL21003 Brass worm gear for motor, 4 pieces
CL21110 Brushes with springs, 4 pieces
CL22001 Metal Rail Joiners, 10 pieces
CL22010 Switching magnet with adhesive tape > LGB® 17010
CL22040 Track Cleaning Block
CL22041 Replacement Pad for LGB track cleaning block
CL22104 Traction Tires 32x25mm > LGB 69104, 5 pieces
CL22120 Carbon brushes with sleeves, 14mm and 16mm, 8 pieces
CL22121 Carbon brushes with sleeves, 14mm, 8 pieces
CL22122 Carbon brushes with sleeves, 16mm, 8 pieces
CL22141 Traction Tires for RhB tractor > 8.847030.5, 5 pieces
CL22184 Traction Tires 39x32mm > LGB 69184, 5 pieces
CL22187 Traction tires for Mikado > 8.847030.4, 5 pieces
CL22201 LGB Motor type 62201 with short shaft
CL22204 LGB Motor type 62204 with long shaft
CL22206 LGB Motor type 62206 with cardan shafts (univesal joints)
CL22209 LGB Motor type 62209 for field railway locomotive
CL22210 LGB motor type 62210 for Rügen locomotive
CL22218 Pickup shoe, new design, 2 pieces > LGB® 63218
CL22240 LGB Motor with bevel gear for track cleaning locomotive
CL22241 LGB engine with extended shaft for RhB tractor
CL22267 Replacement cleaning wheels, 2 pieces > LGB® 67267
CL22300 LGB® Motor type 62300 for handcar
CL22430 LGB® Motor type 2043/85 for pantograph drive
CL22553 Smoke Generator insert, 24 Volt
CL22803 Smoke Generator insert, 18 Volt
CL22853 Smoke Generator insert, 5 Volt
CL22940 LGB Motor for diesel loco V200
CL24000 Lamp lenses standard size, > LGB 2085/15A, bulk pack of 30 pieces
CL24001 Metal Rail Joiners, bulk pack of 25 pieces
CL24010 Loco magnet, bulk pack of 10 pieces
CL24019 Heating hose, LGB 3019/13, bulk pack of 20 pieces
CL24104 Traction tires 32x25mm, bulk pack of 30 pieces
CL24184 Traction tire 39x32mm, bulk pack of 30 pieces
CL24218 Pickup Shoes, bulk pack of 10
CL24322 Hand Rail 20mm, bulk pack of 25 pieces
CL24402 Coupler Set > LGB® 2040/119 , 5 pieces
CL24407 Coupler Loop > LGB® 2040/67, 5 pieces
CL24408 Coupler Hook > LGB® 2040/69, 5 pieces
CL24409 Coupler Spring > LGB® 2040/68, 5 pieces
CL24410 Coupler pin > LGB® 2040/70, 10 pieces
CL24462 Couplers for rack operation > LGB® 64462, 5 pieces
CL30000 Lamp Lenses 2085/15A, 6 pieces
CL30001 Lamp Lenses 2010/61, 4 pieces
CL30002 Lamp Lenses 2051V21, 6 pieces
CL30003 Lamp Lenses Ge 4/4 III loco, 6 pieces
CL30004 Lamp Lenses 2043V13, 6 pieces
CL30005 Lantern Lens clear, 6 pieces
CL30006 Caps for Blinking Light 2033/19, 4 pieces
CL30007 Lamp Lenses 2067/40 middle , 6 pieces
CL30008 Lamp Lenses red 2010/61, 4 pieces
CL30009 Lamp Lenses red 2085/15A, 6 pieces
CL30010 Lamp inserts 2085/50, 6 pieces
CL30011 Lamp inserts 2085/51, 6 pieces
CL30012 Lamp inserts 2010/58, 4 pieces
CL30013 Lamp inserts 2045/64, 6 pieces
CL30014 Lamp inserts Stainz new front, 4 pieces
CL30015 Flat Washer 9mm 3070/50, 20 pieces
CL30016 Cover for Multi-Purpose Socket 1.22500.172.2, 4 pieces
CL30017 Lamp inserts 1204/17, 4 pieces
CL30018 Loco lantern front Stainz old, 2 pieces
CL30019 lLoco lantern front Stainz new 2 pieces
CL30020 Lamp ring gold-colored 2045V20, 6 pieces
CL30021 Lamp ring silver-colored 2067V02, 6 pieces
CL30022 Lamp ring black, 6 pieces
CL30023 Lamp ring narrow, gold-colored, 6 pcs.
CL30024 Lamp ring narrow, silver-colored, 6 pcs.
CL30025 Lamp ring narrow, black, 6 pieces
CL30026 Lamp ring bronze, 6 pieces
CL30027 Lamp ring narrow, bronze-colored, 6 pieces
CL30028 Brake hoses 4028/22, 4 pieces
CL30029 RhB Buffers 4028/23, 4 pieces
CL30030 Buffer Mounts 2015/23, 4 pieces
CL30031 Roof Supports left/right, 4 pieces
CL30032 Handbrake Crank 3000/19, 4 pieces
CL30033 Handbrake Crank 4028/19, 4 pieces
CL30034 Brake hose 3019/13, 4 pieces
CL30035 Round Buffer, dome shaped 1.41615.210.1, 4 pieces
CL30036 Truss Rods, long 3080/15, 2 pieces
CL30037 Stoking Tools Stainz new, 3 pieces
CL30038 Support Plate for Coupler 2010/35, 4 pieces
CL30039 Air cylinder 2-part, 4 pieces, 2060/25 + 2060/26
CL30040 Truss Rods, short, 4010/12, 4 pieces
CL30041 Bracket Stanchions 1.45140.170.1, 2 pieces
CL30042 Buffer with coupler complete for 5 couplers
CL30043 Signal Horn 2060/28 black, 2 pieces
CL30044 Flagstaff gold-colored 2018DV45, 4 pieces
CL30045 Windshield wiper yellow, 4 pieces > 25510/47
CL30046 Connecting cable locomotive to tender, 2 pieces
CL30047 Hand wheel small, gold-colored, metalized, 5 pieces
CL30048 Hand wheel small, black, 5 pieces
CL30049 Skew Gear, angle 9.95 degrees, 2 pieces
CL30050 Lantern Covers 1204/16, 4 pieces
CL30051 Locomotive Connecting Cable F7 A+B-Unit, 2 pieces
CL30052 Gearbox Connector black, 4 pieces
CL30053 Gearbox Connector grey, 4 pieces
CL30060 Stanchions black 4060/17, 16 pieces
CL30061 Stanchions yellow 4060/17, 16 pieces
CL30062 Stanchions light gray 4060/17, 16 pieces
CL30064 Plastic solid wheel set, 2 pieces
CL30065 Stanchions red 4060/17, 16 pieces
CL30066 Stanchions orange 4060/17, 16 pieces
CL30070 Locomotive wheel set 2-part 20212/21211, black
CL30071 Linkage Accessories for steam loco 2010/2020
CL30072 Locomotive wheel set, 2-part, for steam locomotive 20201/21201
CL30092 Track trigger magnet > LGB17050, 2 pieces
CL30093 Loco lantern front/lower 2080/45, 2 pieces
CL30094 Tread for Steps front 2080/48, 2 pieces
CL30095 Entrance step 2060/23, 4 pieces
CL30096 Radio antenna for RhB Ge 4/4, 4 pieces
CL30097 Track Sweeper 2040/46, 2 pieces
CL30098 Support Plate for Gearbox 2043/74 and 2043/75, 2 pieces
CL30099 Lantern for home signal 5094/15, 4 pieces
CL30100 Track Sweeper front/rear for Stainz 2
CL30101 Loudspeaker tube 2080S/11
CL30102 Trailing Axle 21701B03
CL30103 Clown for Circus Handcar 22010/311
CL30104 Closure part for cover 1204/21, 4 pieces
CL30107 Cardan coupling universal joint) for motor 2065/42, 2 pieces
CL30109 Sound axle with magnet 21852B06
CL30110 Loco Engineer, looking to the right, gray 2010/83
CL30111 Loco Engineer with bar, gray 2010/82
CL30112 Fireman with wood 2018/123
CL30114 Loco Engineer hand raised, blue 2018/122
CL30115 Loco Engineer hand raised, black 2019/58
CL30116 Loco Engineer sitting, blue 2062/90
CL30117 Loco Engineer standing, black 20140/310
CL30118 Loco Engineer sitting, yellow/brown 2055/90
CL30120 RhB-Loco Engineer standing, blue or blue/black
CL30121 Railcar Driver seated 2065/50
CL30122 Swiss Loco Engineer, long legs like 8.867020.25
CL30123 Santa Claus Loco Engineer, standing
CL30125 Loco Engineer, looking to the right, black 8.867020.29
CL30126 Santa Claus Loco Engineer type 2, standing
CL30130 Trucks (Bogies) 3000/12, 2 pieces
CL30150 Y-Cable for locomotive mouse 55010
CL30151 Board for Supplementary switch 1203(0)
CL30152 Loudspeaker 70mm for all LGB Soundcars
CL30153 Solenoid and accessories for double coil drive 1206
CL30200 Linkage left/right for Toytrain locos
CL30201 Panhead screws for 2040/2062/2095, 10 pieces
CL30202 Pickup Shoes, old version, 2 pieces
CL30203 RhB passenger car trucks (bogies), type EW III
CL30204 RhB passenger car trucks (bogies), saloon car type
CL30205 RhB freight wagon trucks (bogies), type sliding wall wagon
CL30206 Trucks (bogies) for Saxon passenger cars
CL30208 Trucks (bogies) for DR/HSB passenger cars
CL30300 Air cylinder 3000/20, 2 pieces
CL30302 Whistle gold-colored Stainz/Spreewald like 2010DV34, 3 pieces.
CL30303 Grab Irons black, 8 pieces like 2060/20
CL30304 Toothed belt for field railway locomotives, 2 pieces LGB 20140/296
CL30305 LGB-chen wheel set LGB 6.20140.509.1 + 6.20140.510.1
CL30306 Chloe Wheel Set LGB 6.20130.508.1+6.20130.509.1
CL30307 Wheel set for steam loco Rusty new LGB 22770
CL30308 Linkage parts for Mogul, LGB 2018/54 + 2018DB19
CL30309 Locomotive wheels threaded + recess, 2 pieces, LGB 2050/38
CL30310 PT screws 3.0x9.5 LGB 3001/100, 20 pieces
CL30311 PT screws 3.0x6.5mm LGB 3001/101, 20 pieces
CL30312 PT screws 3.0x13 LGB 3001/102, 20 pieces
CL30313 PT screws 3,0x19 LGB 3001/103, 20 pieces
CL30314 PT screws 2.2x4.5 LGB 3001/104, 20 pieces
CL30315 PT screws 2.2x6.5 LGB 3001/105, 20 pieces
CL30316 PT screws 2.2x9.5 LGB 3001/106, 20 pieces
CL30318 Lamp insert back open, new version, 4 pieces
CL30319 Track Sweeper front rear, Stainz new
CL30320 Feed water pump Stainz new, 3 pieces
CL30321 Locomotive wheel set red threaded, 4 pieces
CL30322 Grab Iron 20mm, 10 pieces LGB 4007/17
CL30323 Wheel set without recess black, LGB 2051B18
CL30324 Coupling rod for Mogul, LGB 2018DV38, 2 pieces
CL30325 Coal Bin complete LGB 6.22832.515.1
CL30326 Lightbulbs for lighted signal, 2x green, 2x red
CL30327 PT screw set, contents approx. 100 pieces
CL30328 Sound module for LGB/Toytrain Tender 96172, 2 pieces
CL30329 Grab Iron set US-type Hopper LGB 4076/4176
CL30330 Metal Steps LGB 4010V05, 8 pieces
CL30331 Grab Iron set US refrigerator car LGB 4090
CL30332 Panhead screw LGB 20251V70, 10 pieces
CL30333 Linkage screw LGB 2085/124, 10 pieces
CL30334 Hexagon head screw LGB 8
CL30335 Panhead screw LGB 012250, 10 pieces
CL30336 Linkage screw LGB 2085DV37, 10 pieces
CL30337 Fuel tank left/right LGB 2060HV07+ 2060HV08
CL30338 Skew Gear, 34 teeth 2001/21, 2 pieces
CL30339 Reduction gear 20882/145, 2 pieces
CL30340 Axle with gear for old B-gearbox, 2 pieces
CL30341 Axle with gear for old C-gearbox, 2 pieces
CL30342 2-piece bellows 3063/15 +3063/16, 2 pieces
CL30343 Brake hose open 3067/32, 4 pieces
CL30344 Power cable 3067/31, 4 pieces
CL30345 Brake linkage 4040C/12 + 4040C/15, 2-part
CL30346 Electric connection cable 2051/32, 4 pieces
CL30347 Round buffer with mounting, 3020/34, 2 pieces
CL30348 Scissor gate for coach platform 3000/29, 2 pieces
CL30349 Reduction gear 31/34 teeth 2070/67, 2 pieces
CL30350 Plank for buffer stop 3.10320.170.1
CL30351 Straight Gear, 38 teeth
CL30352 Straight Gear, 31 teeth, 2 pieces
CL30353 Latch Hook for sliding door right, 4 pieces
CL30354 Retainer for Latch Hook, 4 pieces
CL30355 Bucket Support for tipping car, 2 pieces
CL30356 Mirror left and right, 4 pieces
CL30357 Latch Hook for sliding door left, 4 pieces
CL30358 Cover for turnouts, diamond pattern, 1200/18B, 2 pieces
CL30359 Platform for freight cars 4028/11
CL30360 Rack gear for switch drive 1201/12, 4 pieces
CL30361 Side cover/locking cap for switch drive 1201/15, 4 pieces
CL30362 Lug for switch drive 1204/22, 4 pieces
CL30363 Lantern swivel 1204/12, 4 pieces
CL30364 Rackrail Gear 2046/12, 2 pieces
CL30365 Buffer oval, white trim, 4 pieces like 2010DV07
CL30366 Car buffers small 4 pieces, like 1.30000.250.1
CL30367 Contact wire for B-gearbox, 4 pieces
CL30368 Angle wire left for B-gearbox 2010/201, 5 pieces
CL30369 Angle wire right for B-gearbox 2010/75, 5 pieces
CL30370 Contact wire for gearbox 2085/121, 10 pieces
CL30371 Hand wheel small, gold-colored, 5 pieces
CL30372 Load Insert for tipping car, coal bronzed and painted 4143V01
CL30373 Brake Hose 2051/49, 4 pieces
CL30374 Grab Iron Bar, Tank 1.20211.205.1, 4 pieces
CL30375 Scissor pantograph silver, 1-way 2030V30
CL30376 Grab Iron Bar 20261/87, 4 pieces
CL30377 Door attachment at loco cab 2070/29, 4 pieces
CL30378 Cover for Sandbox, 2070/27, 2 pieces
CL30379 Hand wheel small gold-colored, 9.92079.189.1, 10 pieces
CL30380 PT screw 3.0x9.5 LGB 3001/100, 200 pieces
CL30381 PT screw 3.0x6.5mm LGB 3001/101, 200 pieces
CL30382 PT screw 3.0x13 LGB 3001/102, 200 pieces
CL30383 PT screw 3.0x19 LGB 3001/103, 200 pieces
CL30384 PT screw 2.2x4.5 LGB 3001/104, 200 pieces
CL30385 PT screw 2.2x6.5 LGB 3001/105, 200 pieces
CL30386 PT screw 2.2x9.5 LGB 3001/106, 200 pieces
CL30387 Flat Washer 15mm 2085/105, 10 pieces
CL30388 Pickup Shoes, old version for 2040, 2 pieces
CL30389 Adapter - RJ11 connector to 5-pin DIN
CL30390 Brake roller for Heberlein brake, 6 pieces
CL30391 Locomotive Engineer sitting, black/grey
CL30392 Brake platform for 2-axle passenger cars, 2 pieces
CL30393 Crank black for crocodile, 2040/24
CL30394 RhB connector red, 4 pieces
CL30395 Locomotive and car buffer like 3000/13E, 4 pieces
CL30396 RhB buffer with 4-cornered shaft, 4 pieces
CL30397 Reduction gear like 1.28001.135.1, 2 pieces
CL30398 Grab Iron Support, short, for Mogul, 4 pieces
CL30399 Grab Iron Support, long, for Mogul, 4 pieces
CL30400 Loop Coupler for tender, 2 pieces
CL30401 Coupler for trailing tender locomotive, 2 pieces, 4 pieces
CL30402 Doors for platform of streetcar, 4 pieces
CL30403 Coupling adapter for German Sreetcar, 4 pieces
CL30404 Generator for Mogul, 2 pieces, 6 pieces
CL30405 Loco lantern single, 4 pieces
CL30406 Lantern Lens/glass color red, 6 pieces
CL30407 Strobe Lights for Streetcar, 4 pieces
CL30408 Direction indicator for Streetcar, 4 pieces
CL30409 Axle Bearing for streetcar trailer, 4 pieces
CL30410 Bearing plate with single point support, 4 pieces
CL30411 Bearing plate with two-point support, 4 pieces
CL30412 Grab bar for 2-axle passenger cars, 4 pieces
CL30413 Signal Horn black, 4 pieces
CL30414 Headlight, lower, for crocodile, 4 pieces
CL30415 Lamp for streetcar destination plate, 4 pieces
CL30416 Loco lantern front upper, 996001, 4 pieces
CL30417 Loco lantern rear lower, 996001, 4 pieces
CL30418 Loco lantern front upper, Spreewald, 4 pieces
CL30419 Loco lantern front lower, Spreewald, 4 pieces
CL30420 Loco lantern rear lower, Spreewald, 4 pieces
CL30421 Lantern Lens/color milky, 6 pieces
CL30422 Flagstaff holder black, 6 pieces
CL30423 Driver’s seat, 2 pieces
CL30424 Hand wheel black, 6 pieces
CL30425 Boiler hand wheel for Rusty gold-colored, 6 pieces
CL30426 Grab bar Rusty gold-colored, 6 pieces
CL30427 Cover for Multi-purpose Connector, old type, 4 pieces
CL30428 2-piece bellows, gray, 2 pieces
CL30429 Gates for Platform left/right, 4 pieces
CL30430 Step for Mogul left/right, 4 pieces
CL30431 Snowplow black, small version
CL50000 Smoke Fluid, 1000ml
CL50010 Smoke Fluid, 250ml
CL50020 Smoke Fluid, 500ml
CL50050 Pad printing remover, 250ml
CL50051 Pad printing remover, 100ml
CL50061 Maintenance Oil with dispensing needle, 12ml
CL51000 Pipettes 3ml, 6 pieces
CL51010 Conductive paste, 50 grams
CL51020 Gearbox Lubricant, 50 gram
CL51050 Double-sided adhesive tape strip, 10 pieces
CL52000 Lightbulb removing tool for sockets E 5,5
CL52001 Lightbulb removing tool for globe bulbs
CL52010 Foam cradle for repairs, 300mm long
CL52011 Foam cradle for repairs, 600mm long
CL52015 Foam tray for small parts and tools
CL52020 Magnetizer/Demagnetizer 50x50x28mm, red
CL52021 Side cutter, red
CL52022 Miniature screwdriver set, 4 pieces
CL52250 Panasonic eneloop rechargeable battery for Navigator, 3 pieces
CL59010 Load of Coals, plastic, approx.250 gram
CL59011 Load of Coal Briquets, plastic, approx. 500 pieces
CL59055 RhB/DB ticket vending machine, kit
CL60011 Diodes 1N4001, 10 pieces
CL60026 Lightbulbs E 5,5 yellow, 19 Volt, 10 pieces
CL60027 Lightbulbs E 5,5 clear, 19 Volt, 10 pieces
CL60030 LED bulbs E5,5, 16-22 Volt, warm white, 10 pcs.
CL60031 Micro plug-in bulbs clear, 5 Volt, 10 pieces
CL60032 Micro plug-in bulbs red, 5 Volt, 10 pieces
CL60033 Micro plug-in bulbs clear, 24 Volt, 10 pieces
CL60034 Micro plug-in bulbs red, 19 Volt, 10 pieces
CL60035 Micro plug-in bulbs yellow, 5 Volt, 10 pieces
CL60036 Sockets for micro bulbs, 10 pieces
CL60037 Wire Connectors, system LGB®, 10 pieces
CL60038 Flat plug, 2-pole, 4 pieces
CL60039 Receptacles, 2-pole, 2 pieces
CL60040 Flat plug, 4-pin, 4 pcs.
CL60041 Receptacles, 4-pin, 2 pieces
CL60042 Flat plug, 5-pin, 4 pieces
CL60043 Receptacles, 5-pin, 2 pieces
CL60045 2-conductor cable, black, 0.14mm², 26 AWG, 10 meters
CL60046 2-conductor cable black, 0.14mm², 26 AWG, 25 meters
CL60047 Distribution Box, 12-pin
CL60049 4-conductor cable, black, 0.14mm², 26 AWG, 10 meters
CL60063 Voltage Limiter, 5 Volt
CL60066 Interior Lighting for cars, 24 Volt
CL60076 Flat plug, 3-pole, 4 pieces
CL60077 Receptacles, 3-pole, 2 pieces
CL60079 Flat plug, 6-pin, 4 pieces
CL60080 Receptacles, 6-pin, 2 pieces
CL60091 Reed contacts for reed contact boards, 10 pieces
CL60120 Loudspeaker Ø57mm
CL60121 Loudspeaker large, Ø70mm
CL60122 Loudspeaker Ø57mm, extra flat version
CL60123 Loudspeaker small, Ø40mm, square
CL60131 Battery Clip, connector for 9 Volt battery
CL60135 Reed contact board type II with connector
CL60137 Battery Clip for CL and LGB® Sound with Connector
CL60138 Potentiometer board with connection cable without plug
CL60140 Socket with plug-in bulb 5 Volt, clear, 2 pieces
CL60150 Socket with plug-in bulb 19/24 Volt, clear, 2 pieces
CL60151 Socket with plug-in bulb 19/24 Volt, yellow, 2 pieces
CL60160 Connecting cable flat plug, 2-pole, 2 pieces
CL60161 Connecting cable flat plug, 4-pin, 2 pieces
CL60162 Connecting cable flat plug, 5-pin, 2 pieces
CL60165 4-conductor/4-colored wire, 10 meters
CL60166 Motor cable 4-conductor/4-color, 2 pieces
CL60167 Motor cable with cable lugs, 16 pieces
CL60168 Connecting cable for PIKO VT98, 2 pieces
CL60169 Connecting cable Mini-CT-plug 3-pole, 2 pieces
CL60170 Connecting cable Mini-CT plug 4-pole, 2 pieces
CL60171 Connecting cable Mini-CT-plug 2-pole, 2 pieces
CL60190 Decoder on Board Connector, 2-pole, 5 pieces
CL60191 Decoder on Board Connector, 3-pin, 2 pieces
CL60192 Decoder on Board Connector, 4-pin, 2 pieces
CL60194 Decoder on Board Box Header, 2-pole, 5 pieces
CL60195 Decoder on Board Box Header, 3-pole, 2 pieces
CL60196 Decoder on Board Box Header, 4-pin, 2 pieces
CL61033 Micro plug-in bulbs clear, 19 Volt, 10 pieces
CL61034 Micro plug-in bulbs red, 24 Volt, 10 pieces
CL61035 Micro plug-in bulbs yellow, 24 Volt, 10 pieces
CL61040 Special LED green for LGB lighted signals, 2 pieces
CL61041 Special LED red for LGB lighted signals, 2 pieces
CL61066 LED interior lighting for cars
CL66100 Lightbulbs with globe head, 10 pieces
CL66101 Light bulbs for CL66009, 10 pieces
CL66102 Lightbulbs with globe head frosted, 10 pieces
CL66105 Light socket E 5.5 standard, 10 pieces
CL66106 Light socket E 5.5 with solder tags, 10 pcs.
CL66110 Lampshades for CL66000, 5 pieces
CL66111 Lamp shades for CL66005, 5 pieces
CL66112 Lamp shades for CL66009, 5 pieces
CL70004 Track Power Connecting Clamp, 10 pieces
CL70005 Rail Clamps, single, 10 pieces
CL70006 Rail Clamps, single, 50 pieces
CL70007 Rail Clamps, single, 100 pieces
CL70008 Soldering lugs, 10 pieces
CL70009 Insulating Rail Clamps, single, 5 pieces
Hersteller: Champex-Linden Katalog Nummer: CL11012e
Herstellungsland: Deutschland - Germany Betriebsnummer:  
Produktionsjahr: 2019 Epoche:  
Mit Digital Decoder: Massstab: 1:22,5
Decoderschnittstelle: Spurweite: 45mm
Sound: Gewicht des Fahrzeug in Gramm:  
Dampf/Rauch: Länge des Fahrzeug in mm:  
Mind. Radius in mm:   Anzahl der Motoren:  
Betriebsanleitung: Sounddatei:
Explosionszeichnung: Sounddatei (mp3):
Ersatzteilliste: Videodatei (mp4):
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Champex-Linden AZB-Oberleitung Katalog (AZB-Catenary Catalog) 2019  
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Champex-Linden Ersatzteil Katalog (Parts Catalogue) 2019 - German
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